Can we use sesame seed oil for acne treatment?


Acne And Its Causes

acne titleHow do you feel when one morning you find that acne is appearing on your face?  Annoying and frustrating. Right? No one wants acne or a pimple on his/her face because they conceal your beauty. Do you know why they develop on your skin again and again? Acne generally occurs when your skin pores come in the contact with dust, dirt and dead skin particles. Excess sebum production in oil glands can also cause acne on your face, chest, back and shoulder. However, some poor lifestyles are such as drinking alcohol, smoking, lack of physically active and a poor diet are known as the triggers of acne.


If you want to treat acne fast, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Along with these, you need a powerful treatment option that will reduce the acne formation and kill the bacteria causing acne. What you often try when you get any pimple or acne on your face?  Cosmetic products, skin care products or creams? Right? Surely, you do not get any positive results by using these products. Acne is not only a physical health issue as it can also affect you emotionally if not treated on time. So, you need to switch to herbal remedies. They are safe and effective in solving your problem. Today, we bring an astonishing natural remedy for treating your acne problems. Let’s talk about this remedy.

Sesame seed oil for acne

sesame oilSesame oil is known as the “queen of oils” and in a good manner. It has been using since ancient times for many medicinal and domestic purposes. It is also used in cooking. One of the common benefits of using sesame oil is for acne treatment. It is widely used for treating that stubborn acne and acne scars. Sesame oil is extracted from the sesame seeds which has a wide range of skin benefits. It is used as an active ingredient in many cosmetic products. Sesame oil for acne treatment is the good option as it contains a great amount of protein along with an antioxidant compound called sesame.

Sesame oil is filled with the ingredients that are capable of providing the glow and silky texture to your skin. The presence of fatty acids and linoleic acid make it an ideal treatment option for acne. Sesame oil for acne treatment works great as it contains vitamin B, D and E which make it effective enough to reduce the scars and the other type of skin problems such as acne and pimples. This oil has also a high amount of viscosity and this particular property make it an effective remedy for massaging. It is capable of penetrating deep into the pores of the skin. This penetrative power of sesame oil helps it to work on the surface of the skin and thereby regulate the circulation of the blood.

Benefits Of Sesame Oil

Sesame-Oil-Good-for-Acne-Sesame oil for acne treatment is found to be effective in reducing the inflammation and irritation associated with acne. It has great anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the pain, redness and inflammation on the skin. This property also helps in fighting off the bacteria causing acne. You can apply sesame oil on the affected parts by adding some carrier oil in it. Sesame oil is pretty thick and sticky, so, it can be easily absorbed by the skin. For massaging purposes, it is actually used with carrier oils. Sesame oil for acne treatment is effective in repairing of damaged skin cells and the formation of new skin cells. When you massage this oil on your skin, it will strengthen the body tissues which eventually helps in improving the appearance of the skin.

Yet another benefit of using sesame oil is slow down the pace of skin aging.  This oil will prevent the skin cells from oxidation and also improve skin rejuvenation. It has great antioxidants properties which help in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine line son the skin. It will also moisturize the dry and flaky skin. I know that there are the number of essential oils which can moisturize your skin but none of them does it effectively like sesame oil. Since it is a natural treatment option so, it is side-effects free.


If you do not want to deal more with chemical based harmful cosmetic products, simply try sesame oil for acne treatment. It will give you the astonishing results. Sesame oil is easily available in your kitchen and you can apply it anytime. So, guys, make your skin healthy by using natural ingredients.

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