All of us eat fruits of many plants, and if you are a nature admirer, you might also have used the leaves of many herbal and medicinal plants in some or the other way. But have you ever though if these parts of plants are beneficial, how much benefits we can get from the small seed from which all the other parts of the herb are formed? The seeds that we usually do not pay attention to, gives birth to a plant are believed to carry all the goodness of the stem, leaves and fruit of that particular plant. Some seeds carry unbelievable magical healing and health benefits into them. Here we will discuss 10 secret seeds that are exceptionally beneficial for health.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds impart distinctive strong flavor, and warm perception on taste buds. One small cumin seed contain hundreds of chemical compounds including the beneficial ones like carbohydrates, minerals vitamins and proteins. Some other components which are beneficial for your body are potassium, sodium and iron. Apart from these nutritional benefits cumin seeds have several other health benefits. It is an amazing skin healer as you can treat boils, prevent fungal and microbial reactions, remove signs of ageing like wrinkles, sagging skin and other age spots and also introduce a radiant glow on your face. Hard to believe but all these comes in minute package of cumin seeds. Cumin seeds are also beneficial in hair loss treatment and delay whitening of hair with age. Some other common heath and skin ailment that can be treated with this natural seed are burning sensations, dandruff, enhancing growth of hair, and itchiness and body heat. Cumin seeds not only benefits your body with external issues, it also has a very positive effect on internal problems like high blood sugar, iron deficiency, asthma, indigestion, and cold. Cumin seeds are found to be beneficial even in chronic and life threatening diseases like cancer.

Mustard seeds

Found in three different colors black, brown and white mustard seeds are pungent in flavor and taste. Mustard seeds have been used for thousands of years as spices, for medicinal purpose and culinary use. Manganese, vitamin B1, copper and omega 3 fatty acids are the main components of mustard seeds that are highly beneficial for human body. The list of health benefits of mustard seeds is very big, but it can deal with day to day problems as well as chronic health conditions. The oil extracted from seeds of mustard is the best one on this planet for hair blackening, long and shiny hair, and also dandruff. Any type of hair problem can be tackled from this oil. Mustard seeds contain protein, calcium, vitamin A and E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and this is all your hair needs. With mustard you can give kind of a therapy by applying mustard paste on your chest. For making the paste, take 1 cup of mustard and 4 cups of flour. Make a thin paste by mixing the two ingredients in water. After applying some olive oil on chest, spread this paste evenly on a cloth and put that cloth on your chest. Let it stay there till the mixture cools down. This mustard therapy is useful in common cold, cough and chest congestion. Mustard seeds are also helpful in rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. It is also an excellent replacement for the artificially synthesized pain reliever balms and ointments.

Hemp seeds

You can anytime improve digestion, maintain a balance in hormonal levels and also enhance the metabolic reactions taking place in your body with the help of hemp seeds. Loaded with vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D vitamin B3, vitamin E, zinc, iron and calcium, hemp seeds are the most beneficial seeds from nutrition point of view. The deficiency of all the vitamins and minerals named above can create many health problems in near future for you. You can either start taking supplements or fill the gap from a natural alternative like hemp seed. Hemp seeds are you only choice if you want to have a healthy heart for the rest of your life. Some of the key ingredients in building a healthy heart include fiber, plant-based protein, and healthy fats. Hemp seeds have all of them. Hemp is known as a natural appetite suppressant and can help you feel full longer and reduce sugar cravings. This will not only help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level but also keep you determined if you are trying to loose weight.

Sunflower seeds

Despite their small size, sunflower seeds are a dense source of vitamins, minerals and essential oils. They are my favorite because they not only are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for human body, but also contain some minerals which are hard to find in nature. Magnesium is one such component of sunflower seeds, the deficiency of which can lead to nervous, cardio vascular and immune disorders. Not only this, your skeletal system also requires minute amount of magnesium to ensure proper bone health. Just like magnesium, one more rarely found nutrient is selenium. Sunflower seeds contain selenium, which plays a role in antioxidant function and helps reduce redness and swelling in the body. Sunflower seeds also have the capability to save you from the biggest killers of the century- disturbed cholesterol levels.

Sesame seeds

This is a very common name for all who frequently use natural products to deal with their minor and major health problems. Although may of us are aware that sesame seeds have excellent healing and immunity enhancing properties, only few of you are aware of everything they can do for you. You can reduce the stress on cardiovascular system by reducing hypertension with the help of essential oils present in the seeds of sesame. One can also not only manage the symptoms of diabetes, but can also prevent such disease from occurring with the help of these magical seeds. Sesame seeds being rich in copper also can reduce inflammation in joints, bones and muscles. The high levels of zinc, calcium and phosphorus also assures a healthy bone structure and helps in avoidance of diseases like osteoporosis, heart stroke, atherosclerosis. According to traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame seeds are highly effective in getting rid of the problem of premature graying of hair. It is believed that they promote melanocyte activity to produce melanin. They are also rich in protein, iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and copper. Simply eat a teaspoon of black sesame seeds daily for at least three months. Regularly applying sesame oil on your hair is also useful.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are fruit of herb that can also be used to control diabetes mellitus, improve glucose tolerance and lower blood sugar levels due to its hypo-glycaemic activity. These seeds are also capable of stimulating the secretion of glucose-dependent insulin. Being high in fiber, fenugreek seeds slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars. You can soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Drink the water along with the seeds in the morning on an empty stomach. Follow this remedy without fail for a few months to bring down your glucose level. Another way is to eat two tablespoons of powdered fenugreek seeds daily with milk. Fenugreek also contains compounds with estrogen-like properties, including isoflavones and diosgenin, which help decrease the cramps and discomfort associated with premenstrual syndrome. For a mother, fenugreek seed help improve breast milk supply due to the presence of compound called diosgenin.

Pumpkin seeds

The composition of pumpkin makes it a very healthy seed which you cannot afford to ignore if you want a healthy and young body. An amino acid called tryptophan, which ultimately is converted into “sleep hormone” by your body is present in pumpkin seeds, which makes it a necessity for deep and restful sleep. If you sleep well, more than half of the diseases automatically stay away from your body. Apart from this basic need, heart and liver diseases are very common among the people of United States, and you can save your body from these two as well with the help of pumpkin seeds. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds gives a perfectly healthy heart and a balanced liver. For men it have some positive effects on prostate health, and for women it can help them manage the pre-menopausal stage quite peacefully.


Flaxseeds are amazingly beneficial because they are high in fiber but still very low in carbohydrate content, which is an unusual combination to find. Flaxseeds also contain components which enhance the nutrient absorption and make your body healthier one even when you do not change much of your eating habits. Flaxseed is helpful in dealing with acute pain and reducing inflammation, as it contains alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega- 3 fatty acids. You can use flaxseed oil to deal with bone spur as well. Since flax is full of healthy fats and fiber, it will help you feel satisfied longer so you will eat fewer calories overall which may lead to weight loss.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are generally used as spice while cooking some dishes. But it has another beautiful use in lowering down the cholesterol levels of ones body. Coriander seeds contain vitamins and phyto- nutrients both of which are helpful in boosting our immune system. In addition to this, the presence of antibiotic compounds and potent volatile oils, coriander acts as an effective natural aid to combat a viral infection. With all these benefits, it is also easy to make. All you need to do is to get some coriander seeds from the market and add a tablespoon of them to a cup of boiling water. Boil this solution and allow it to cool, strain and add little milk and sugar to make it look and taste like actual tea. Drink this coriander tea twice a day for a few days.

Apricot seeds

Apricot seeds are highly loaded with fiber, vitamin B17, healthy fats and iron. You can eat the seeds of apricot in raw form or make powder of them by crushing. Mix this powder in milk or take it with water to avail the benefits. One can also try adding the same to soups, vegetables, curries, fruit juice or cereal. Excellent for skin repairing and this is why apricot is a part of almost every other scrub available in market. According to research, the seeds of the apricot fruit contain a substance called laetrile, which may help in the treatment and prevention of cancer. This is not a small benefit as all of us are aware of the number of lives cancer takes every year. You can also improve your hair health, bone health and skin quality by using apricot seeds.